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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Five ways to make permanent memory

Make memory permanent time to time.

brain powerLong-term memory or permanent memory is data that you learned long time ago and you still remember clearly. Examples of long-term memory are: your birthday, your home phone number, you know how to use computer, you know how to cook rice, and you know how to make a cup of coffee.

You consciously remember any data, but the data are kept for future retrieval.
To keep you from forgetting what you want to remember, there’s five ways to do:

1. Use it. If you want your memory to be permanent and prevent you from forgetting, you should use, practice, repeat what you want to remember.

2. Keep paying attention and maintain interest. It’s nature of people to remember what they’re interested in. You can help yourself to remember things by making materials of what you’re doing to be more interesting, exciting, and fun.

3. Make it meaningful. If something has a meaning to you. It’s easier to learn and remember.

4. Think around it. If you can’t remember something, you may think of thins around it, or think of things that are associated with it. It’s like when you forget where you put you bag. When you want to find your bag, you may recall where you went and what you did.

5. Relax. Stress can reduce your memory. Try to relax and take deep breath. Example is when a student is in an exam room. He forget the answer, but when he’s out of the room, he can recall the answer.

Source : memorygood.com

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