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Thursday, 25 September 2008

How To Increase Brain Power

6 ways to help you remember names easier.
There are 6 ways to help you remember names easier.

  1. Listen to the name carefully. If you're not sure, don't keep quiet and don't hesitate to ask the person to repeat it again. Ask him to spell his name.
  2. Use visual aids to help you. For example, use name badge. If someone give you a name card, don't just keep it in your pocket. Spend a little time to read name and the title. For the person who sticks your name badge, stick it on your right and close to your shoulder. It helps the person who shakes hand with you to see your name easier.
  3. Tell them your name so that they'll tell their. You may use greeting sentence like "Nice to meet you. I'm Smith"
  4. Repeat the name three times in your conversation. Example, "Nice to see you, John", "John, Is this your first time participate this conference?", "It's great to have a conversation with you today, John." By repeating the name often, you might already automatically remember John's name now.
  5. There's a lot of tension in our every day life. So, don't be too serious if you've forgotten someone's name. You may say to the person politely that you've forgotten his name and ask him to tell you again. On the other hand, if someone has forgotten your name, you should give him your name right away so that the person will not feel awkward.
  6. When you remember a person's name, he will feel special and valued. So, make effort to remember people's names.

Source : memorygood.com

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