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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Music And Brainpower

In a study done at UC Irvine's Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 36 students were given three spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ test. Before the first test, they listened to Mozart's sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448 for ten minutes. For the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape. Before the third, they sat in silence.
Here are the average scores for all 36 students:
1st test: 119.
2nd test: 111.
3rd test: 110.
An average increase of 9 points by listening to Mozart. It is assumed that their actual intelligence didn't increase, but that the music put them in a state that gave them better access to the resources of their brains. Interestingly, though, other studies do show that repeated exposure to slow music can permanently increase you IQ. Get out the Mozart! There was also a study that showed better problem-solving ability in children who had exposure to music.

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